CLEAR project summary

CLEAR is a development of the Life Events and Difficulties Schedule (LEDS), which is a face-to-face interview developed in the 1970’s by Brown and Harris to record information about life events and difficulties that happen over a twelve month period. For further information about life events and difficulties click here (LEDS).

What are the aims of the research project?
CLEAR will be tested with two groups of people at different life stages. The first group will involve undergraduate students and the second group will be from existing national clinical samples with recurrent depression. Results will be analysed to test the robustness of CLEAR and to see what relationships emerge between stressful life events and depression, physical illness and student academic performance.

Who is conducting the research?
This project is funded by an ESRC project grant and involves collaboration between three universities: Middlesex University, Goldsmiths University London, and Kings College London. For more details about the researchers involved in the project click here.

An International Scientific Advisory Board of academics and clinicians associated with the project will ensure use of the tool in ongoing longitudinal health research studies, in clinical and health practice and student monitoring. For details about members of the board click here.

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