Introduction to CLEAR

We already know that life changes, events and ongoing difficulties pose a threat to health and wellbeing. We want to explore new ways of assessing such events using new technology.

There are many questionnaires about life events, but we feel these do not give us the detail we need to understand the experiences people have because they are too summarised and do not give us the details, dates, sequences of experiences and who is involved.

We can get this information through detailed interviews and recorded information can then later be carefully categorised. However, it is time consuming and often inconvenient for people to arrange to see an interviewer face-to-face.

We therefore want to see if we can design a series of detailed questions online using modern technology which will give us the sort of depth we might get from an in-person interview.

The CLEAR approach

CLEAR asks questions around topics where life change may have happened (e.g. work, education, relationships etc.). We ask questions involving what? When? To whom? What was the effect? And so on.

We have text boxes for open ended answers to capture what happened and any feelings about it. Whilst the questions cover a lot of different topics, it is unlikely everyone will have had life changes in all of these areas, so the questions will be very brief in many sections.

Information points and videos are used to provide extra information. This includes instructions, but also examples of events or their features.

Important dates in the last year are added to the calendar, as are any life changes that have happened. At the end in can be printed out.

CLEAR Lifestyle symbols 1